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How old does my child need to be to start?

2 YO Pre-Kinder: Your child needs to turn 2 years old by 30 April of the commencement year.

3 YO Kinder: Your child needs to turn 3 years old by 30 April of the commencement year.

4 YO Kinder: Your child needs to turn 4 years old by 30 April of the commencement year.


What if my child needs an additional year of Kinder because they're ‘young’ or not quite ready for the following year’s transition. Is this possible?

Yes! We understand each child’s individual need to take learning at their own pace and we work with families to provide additional years of Kindergarten where needed.


Which schools do the children go to after Bubbles?

We predominantly feed to the surrounding schools in the area: Lloyd St, Malvern Primary, St Mary’s, Malvern Central, Solway Primary and Grimwade House.


Does Bubbles follow the school holiday calendar?

Yes we do.


What are the teacher to child ratios?

2 YO Pre-Kinder: 1 teacher to 4 children

3 & 4 YO Kinder: 1 teacher to 11 children or less.


Do you take enrolments midway through the year?

Based on availability, yes we do!


What is the minimum number of 2 Year Old Pre-Kinder sessions I must enrol my child into?

Children must be enrolled into a minimum of two Pre-Kinder sessions per week. A week is a very long time in the life of a toddler and frequency can greatly enhance their confidence, sense of trust and ability to enjoy and participate in their group.


Can I claim some of the fees back through CentreLink or the Child Care Subsidy?

No sorry, as we are not a provider of long day child care (8 continuous hours per day) we do not qualify for approval.


If my child is in Kinder, do I get some of the GOVERNMENT funding money back?

Funded kindergartens must apply the full amount of funding they receive from the Government towards running the program. Your fees have taken the funding into account.


What is the MAIN difference between Bubbles and a local Kinder?

Our program has a more structured approach, where children enjoy programmed time in the Music Room, Art Room and Library. This learning environment mimics a school setting and makes school transitioning smoother and seamless. Children who graduate from our Kinder Program are noted by prep teachers to be notably more 'school ready' than their peers from local Kinders.


Do you run a School Holiday Program?

Yes, we usually run the program for one of the weeks during the mid year breaks.


What if my child is still having a midday nap?

2 YO Pre-Kinder: you can pick up your child early to work in with their nap-time.

3 & 4 YO Kinder: we have a period of quiet down-time in the middle of the day where children can rest or nap if they like.


Do I provide my child's food and snacks?

Yes, please pack your child’s lunchbox with their favourite nutritious foods to give them plenty of energy for their busy day!


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