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Letters from parents...

I can’t believe it was 5 years ago now since we started at Bubbles! I was 6 months pregnant and looking for something nurturing for out little man. From my wide-eyed, nervous parent moments, you and your amazing team have been an important part of our lives – not just from a sanity perspective either! We’ve loved our little chats with you over the years, taken note and solace from your guidance and informal advice and observations. We have been so impressed and happy with our decision to send our children to Bubbles. Thank you for many happy experiences that are now part of our children’s lives – we’ll miss seeing you guys each week but will be sure to pop in! Kath.

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping our daughter through her separation difficulty. You were always there and right on the ball with what was happening and just made the whole process so much easier on both of us. You are truly wonderful at what you do and not just with our daughter but with all the children. It is easy to see why the children and parents adore you. Our daughter talks about you all the time and even this afternoon we had to collect leaves from our backyard just for you! Thank you again, her teacher is amazing. Both my husband and I are very grateful that our daughter is at Bubbles. Tasha.

Thank you sooooooo much for making a wonderful place like Bubbles. If it weren’t for Bubbles, our daughter would not be the confident little girl she is today. You should be extremely proud of your pre-school because you have changed many families and their little ones for the better. Bridget.

We can’t thank you enough for the amazing year we’ve had. We have watched our son thrive and develop a passion for learning – he has loved every minute of his time with you. Thank you for providing an outstanding program. The quality of the individual portfolios was exceptional, something we’ll always treasure. I can’t praise Bubbles enough! The love and thought that goes into everything you do is reflected in the happiness of the children and their achievements. Tamara.

I seriously cannot THANK YOU (Bubbles team) enough for the amazing job you have done this year with our son. I am so impressed with the Portfolio of work, that I have been double checking that it was in fact, only 3-year old kinder that he has just completed! WOW!

Also, the Learning and Development Statement couldn’t have been more spot on if I had written it myself. Your team has gotten to know him so well, they know what makes him tick, they know how to guide him to get the best out of him and they also know how to encourage him when he needs that extra little ‘sensitive touch’. Your learning experiences are second to none and it is such a joy as a parent to see how much work has gone into the program. I can’t even start on the Concert – it was AMAZING and such a credit to all involved. It was my first ‘Bursting with Pride’ moment as a parent to see my little man up there following instructions and singing his heart out!!! Warning: More gushing . . .

Our son has thrived, flourished, gone from strength to strength, excelled etc …. in your most beautiful environment. It’s hard to put into words really, how much he has grown and developed! THANK YOU AGAIN soooooooooooooo much for believing in these little people and for providing such quality staff, resources and most of all FUN. Ok, I will stop gushing now. Thanks Bubbles. Rachel.

Thank you for being a friend, counsellor, mentor, parental advisor and creator and manager of the best pre-school EVA!  Words can’t really describe how much I appreciate what you and your girls do for me and my boys.  You are such a huge part of our lives, and I’m so fortunate for that. Claire.

We can’t thank you enough for making our daughter’s transition into kindy such a breeze. She just loves coming to Bubbles and the continual kindness and support from you and the girls is so appreciated. You have not only helped our daughter exceed all round but you have also helped us as parents. Jo.



Thank you for another lovely year at Bubbles. We have loved seeing our girls grow under the caring, safe and encouraging eyes of your team of beautiful teachers. Katherine.



My husband and I wanted to thank you and all the wonderful teachers for making pre-kinder such a positive experience for our daughter. With all your patience, constant encouragement and care, she has achieved a lot this year. Over time she has blossomed and her confidence level has grown immensely. She says, “Bubbles is so fun!” and always comes home with so many stories to tell. Amanda.



Dear Bubbles Family, 

We would like to thank you all so much for making our son’s start to ‘school life’ such a wonderful experience. While in the years to come, he may not remember his time at Bubbles we will certainly remind him of the warm, energetic and engaging environment that surrounded him.  All of your staff have no doubt played a part in Charlie’s Bubbles life and we want to thank you for caring for him both academically and socially/emotionally/ particularly Miss R for the great time he has had under you as lead teacher and a particularly special mention to Miss L, who Charlie has absolutely adored since he started in pre-kinder (Miss L, you rank higher than us in his mind a lot of the time!)



Dear Belli, Thank you for having such a wonderful preschool. Your staff are amazing and we can't praise them enough for the work they do. Anthi has loved coming to bubbles just like Niki did. She will miss it but her experience will never be forgotten. Christine.

You welcomed our little girl Zara into your classroom in the beginning of the year with your arms wide open. You recognised the gravity of each and every moment in her year and respected her right to be little for as long as she needed to be. Under your care she has learned so many wonderful things. Sincere thanks for your patience. Gen.

I’m so grateful to you for opening such an amazing pre-school! Bubbles is definitely one of a kind! It gives children such wonderful childhood memories. My son really enjoys his time with you and after a year at Bubbles, he is a confident and bright little boy! You guys have done a really great job! Thank you so much! Sienna.

Bubbles is the most magical place for little people, and we are so lucky to be a part of it. It’s so reassuring to know that our son loves every Monday and Wednesday, and comes home with lots of stories about the super time he’s had there. And lots of knowledge too.

He comes out with all these things and I think, ‘Wow, I’m sure I didn’t teach him that’! He’s developed so wonderfully over the past year, and I put a lot of it down to you guys. If he had it his way, he’d be there every day! Bubbles is such a wonderful place. It gives me the warm fuzzies to see my son and all the other kids so happy when I return to pick him up. He has obviously had a super time – and I can imagine, at some point soon – he won’t want to leave! I have noticed that since starting, that he’s much more confident, and feels much more secure with other people outside Bubbles itself. Even my friends and family have noticed. Thank you! Claire.

Thank for your kindness and hard work over the years. Bubbles is an incredible and amazing school. My son’s thriving development is a testament to your lovely staff. Lee.

Bubbles is an amazing learning sanctuary for our little ones and they are surrounded by the best teachers in the business! Thanks for your support and guidance, much appreciated. 


Sending my kids to Bubbles is the best decision I ever made! The wonderful teachers and staff have helped my kids grown happily and confidently. Heng.

Thank you for providing the most amazing, nurturing, loving, friendly, caring and wonderful environment for children. We have been delighted to know that our son has always been surrounded by such kind and loving teachers. Their efforts in every way have made Bubbles such a memorable place to be, in such an important time of his life. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. The Loughnans.

Thank you for a lovely 3 years at Bubbles. Your environment is so fun and welcoming and both our children have gained so much for their experiences there. The warm teachers and the end of year concerts were particular special! We will always remember your school fondly! Sally.


Thank you for running the BEST ELC program in the world!!!! Our little man has had a ball this year thanks to you and your AMAZING staff! We’ll miss you next year, but can’t wait to return with our little lady the following year! Holly.

All year, every time I have interacted with your team, it has been an amazing and positive experience. Our son has benefited so much from the kindness he has been shown by all the teachers in your Pre-Kinder team. We leave better, but with a heavy heart. Rachel.



Thank you for welcoming us into your pre-school so warmly…it feels like we have been there forever. We look forward to watching our little ones grow with you over the next few years. Thank you also for your encouraging chats. Shilpa.

Thank you so much for welcoming us with open arms and smiles. Our daughter has grown and developed so much and we know how much fun she has had coming each week. Thank you for taking beautiful care of our little little girl – we can’t wait to see you all again when our other daughter is 2. Thank you again! Zoe.

Thank you for a wonderful two years at Bubbles. Your talents and hard work are evident in every aspect of Bubbles!  We are grateful for having been part of this amazing Bubbles community. The Tucker Family.

Thank you for providing our daughter with such a great start to her learning.  She has had so much fun and is so excited to come each day.  The work your team has put into helping her grow and develop is very special.  We loved her portfolio and seeing how much she has changed. The Papes.

Thank you very much for all your help this year, and for your patience with us at the start of the year when we were settling in. We couldn’t have been happier with Bubbles.  It was everything we had wanted for our son and he made some special friends. It is a real credit to you what you have created and how efficiently Bubbles is run.  It is a wonderful space and nurturing environment for children. Thank you once again for making our boy’s first year at kinder so special. Jodie.

Thank you all for supporting our daughter through her first year at Bubbles.  She has loved it!  We see all the work, time, effort and passion that is put in – it’s channelled through to our little people. Clare K.



You welcomed our little girl into your classroom at the beginning of the year with your arms wide open.  You recognised the gravity of each and every moment in her year and respected her right to be little for as long as she needed to be.  Under your care she has learned so many wonderful things.  Sincere thanks for your patience, generosity and nurturing ways.  You have given her such an incredibly beautiful and rock-solid start to her school career and we can’t thank you enough. The Berengers.



We can’t thank you enough for making our daughter’s transition into kindy such a breeze.  She just loves coming to Bubbles and the continued kindness and support from you and the girls is so appreciated.  You have not only helped our daughter exceed all round, but you have also helped us as parents. The Ifopo Family.



Thank you so much for helping to make this year so special.  She’s had an amazing time and achieved so much, thanks to your fantastic teachers. She’s really going to miss her teachers.


We wanted to thank you and all the wonderful teachers for making pre-kinder such a positive experience for Jasmine. With all your patience, constant encouragement and care, Jasmine has achieved a lot this year.  Over time she has blossomed and her confidence level has grown immensely.  She says “Bubbles is fun!” and always comes home with so many stories to tell.  We are SO happy.  She is already looking forward to her “big girl” class next year. The Primroses.



Thank you so much for all these wonderful years.  It has been an absolute sanctuary for our daughter.  Your care and sense of fun has always been appreciated. Your staff have always been incredible with their dedication and love and warmth towards the children.  It was so great to give our daughter this “head start” in  life.  I think she has benefited from your care so much!  I’ll miss your smiles at the front door every morning. The Sharpes.



Thank you for a wonderful year!  The decision to move our girls at the end of last year was an incredibly difficult one, but within a few weeks at Bubbles, it became the best decision we could have made. The girls have had such a terrific time and adore their teachers and new friends.  But it is the support that you have shown US that has made it so remarkable. We thank you for that! The Pyman-Heards.

Thank you for providing a wonderfully happy, nurturing, calm, supportive and enjoyable place to take our son to on his three kinder days.  The education and learning environment, with a large dose of Bubbles, love is a credit to you all.  Our son leaves Bubbles with a full and happy heart and looks forward to another wonderful year. Jane.

It is hard to imagine it was two and a half years ago that our daughter began at Bubbles, shy, nervous, scared to let me go.  But over the course of time I’ve seen her blossom and her confidence grow with the guidance and love given by all those she interacted with here.  For that alone we are thankful, but add to that the little touches and thoughtfulness of beautiful Mothers’/Fathers’ Day gifts, beautifully presented end-of-year folders and general kindness of staff.  You have a place where lasting memories are made for both students and parents.  Two years ago I said that Bubbles was such a wonderful place it almost made me want another child just so they could come too!  And now we have our little man, so this is not goodbye from us but see you soon. Katherine.


Thank you for having such a wonderful pre-school.  Your staff are amazing and we can’t praise them enough for the work they do.  Our youngest has loved coming to Bubbles just like the older one did.  She will miss it but her experience will never be forgotten. Christine.

You all do a wonderful job and Bubbles is a great environment for the children to learn and have fun. It is lovely to hear our daughter tell us each night after she has been there all of the fun things that she has done and what she has learnt!! All that you do to make it such a safe and nurturing experience for the children is greatly appreciated. Robyn.

Our son always seems to have such a lovely time at Bubbles with his teachers and friends. It was a daunting thing for me at first but I would like to thank you all for making it such an easy transition for both of us. Tanya.



Dear Girls, Re: The 3 Year Old Information Evening.

Thanks so much for sharing Bubbles with me. I know the activities she does are unique as some of things she says, does and makes at home can only be inspired by you and Bubbles. My husband and I are delighted when she brings home her artwork and we often afford an appreciation of the materials, the principles and the creativity behind it. But tonight I saw something different. I saw it from your eyes and it gave me more of a sense of the programs and principles and rationale behind the activities and the opportunities you are creating.

I say this most humbling as I give many presentations, nationally and internationally, I work with professors give keynote lectures, engage and interact with politicians and leaders in the health sector…… what I saw tonight was leadership at Bubbles…. I saw you-isms… authenticity…..willingness and humbleness. That’s why my kids come to Bubbles… I want my kids to be around people like you (‘super-models’) and in an opportunity rich and safe environment. You did not say what the values of Bubbles were directly but they came across loud and clear for me (honesty, compassion, kindness, sharing, thoughtfulness, great listening, simplicity). Much appreciated, Sarah.

I don’t want to be gushy but I’m going to have to! Bubbles is such an amazing place for our kids. When I think of life before Bubbles, so many of us wouldn’t now be friends and it’s been so lovely meeting so many great mums. And more importantly, our kids all have their best Bubbles buddies and it’s so important in their lives. Alice.

Bubbles is just so lovely, the facilities are great and the teachers are lovely. Thanks so much. Robyn.

Oscar has a wonderful time at Bubbles and it has really helped him develop into an independent and confident little boy. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all and your staff for all your work and support with our son. Debbie.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of you for making our son’s first Kinder experience so easy. Bubbles is certainly a very nurturing place for a child who had never been in any care before and of course very reassuring for mama’s first boy. So thank you all again. Jano.

I just want to congratulate you and the team on a great Centre. Bubbles not only looks great, but you have a great program and friendly staff. Although our daughter has only been there for under a month, her vocab has tripled. She loves talking about what she learnt and all the activities done during the day. Well done, loving  Bubbles! Katarina.

My goodness he certainly is well loved at Bubbles!! Thank you for always going above and beyond the ‘call of duty’ with him (and all the children). It certainly makes Bubbles a very special place. Heather.

Thank you for the great work and extra attention to our son. We have noticed so much growth in his development and appreciate the hard work you and your staff put in to our son. John.

Thanks for the amazing care you all provide our daughter. We are so glad we found you all. Natalie.

Our daughter has had such a terrific start to the year. She bounds out of bed every morning and asks if it’s a Bubbles day!!! Bubbles is such an inviting environment and it’s no wonder she wants to go there everyday. Pass on my thanks to her beautiful teachers. Jenny.

I wanted to say thank you. I am so happy to have found Bubbles and to see how much our daughter loves it. It is just perfect! Anna.

Thank you. You’ve created a very special place and you should be very proud. Suzanne.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for being so fantastic on our first day today. I was very nervous about how our son would go being away for the first time and I really appreciated the effort the staff went to in helping him and reassuring me! I know he might have ups and downs with the drop off – but I felt the staff made it so much easier. Madeleine.

Thank you and all the girls at Bubbles for bringing such joy to our daughter’s life, it has been one of the best things we have done for her and we can’t speak highly enough of Bubbles to our friends and family. Marissa.

Thank you … my son’s teacher has been amazing in helping him settle in. He loves Bubbles so much that he asked me if he can go every day ‘cause it’s much more fun than being at home with me! I can’t believe it – especially given his initial anxiousness. Whatever you guys are doing it is working so thank you very much. Lauren.


I wanted to send a note to thank-you for the great care our son receives at Bubbles. He has settled in so well and importantly has a great time each week. Of special mention are the lovely staff who are fantastic. His teachers always kindly take the time to update me on his progress. I appreciate the hard work that goes into the programs you design for the kids, and that fun is key to their day. Ali.

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