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So what exactly is Bubbles Pre-School?

We are a privately owned pre-school, offering exceptional semi-structured educational programs for 2-5 year olds. We are unique, because we've taken an untraditional approach to early childhood education, by running semi-structured classes in a 'mini-school' setting.


Unlike a child care centre, the children move from room to room for their activities, eg they do a music and movement component in the M&M Room, art in the Art Room, stories and book browsing in the Library etc.



2 Year Old Pre-Kinder: where children typically come two mornings a week (for around 3.5 hours per morning). For more info, please click the button below.

3 Year Old Kinder: a comprehensive 3 YO Kinder program where children typically attend 2 full days per week (with a third additional day option). For more info, please the button below.

4 Year Old Kinder: a comprehensive 4 YO Kinder program that prepares children beautifully for school the following year (don't just take our word for it, click LOVE LETTERS to read what our parents say). Children attend 3 full days per week. For more info, please click button below.


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